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August-10-2016 Anthony Huynh presented “Developing transient tertiary complexes with various binding affinities” in SURF!


August-10-2016 Blake Andrew Ford presented “Developing nano-reaction chamber to probe transient macromolecular complexes” in SURF!


July-5-2016 Minjoung Kyoung presented “Visualizing regulatory interactions in metabolic networks” in Single molecule GRC!


June-27-2016 Aiya Smith from Merganthaler Vocational High School (MERVO), a Baltimore City high school, joined the group for the Summer Biomedical Training Program!


June-6-2016 Blake Andrew Ford from Stevenson University joined the group as a REU student!


May-17-2016 Anthony Huynh joined the group as an undergraduate researcher!


May-14-2016  Noah Robinson presented “Developing Nanoscale Reactors for Single Molecule Studies” in FCBIS at JHU !



April-27-2016 Mashhood Wani, Natalie Steenrod, Poornima Patel presented “Sustain-O-Scope: Simple Compound Light Microscope” in URCAD!


April-27-2016 Natalie McDonald,

Victoria Davenport presented

“Applications of Light Microscopy Principles in Building a Smartphone Microscope” in URCAD!


April-27-2016 Sarah Pollock presented “Engineering of the FRB domain of the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR)” in URCAD !


April-27-2016 Chidera Ekeocha presented “Cloning, Mutating and Labeling of FK506-binding Protein (FKBP)” in URCAD !


March 23, 2016 Noah Robinson presented “Developing Nano-reactors for Single Molecule Studies Utilizing Vesicle Fusion by Two Independent Methods.” in GRC


March-11-2016 Vanessa Nwaiwu  won Undergraduate Research Awards !


February 7-12 2016 Noah Robinson, Erin Kennedy and Minjoung Kyoung participated LLSM workshop at Janelia Research Campus !


December 2015 Erin Kennedy joined the group as a graduate student !


October-3 2015 Sarah Pollock presented “Molecular-Level Alteration of Signaling and Metabolic Pathways in Cancer Immunotherapy” at CNMS symposium in UMBC !


August-12 2015 Minjoug Kyoung presented “Tracking Multi-spatial signaling communications with super-spatiotemporal resolution” at CSHL meeting in NY !


August-5 2015 Sarah Pollock presented “An approach towards efficient cancer immunotheraphy” at SURF in UMBC !


July 2015 Minjoung Kyoung received SRAIS awards !


June-22 2015 Erin Kennedy started rotation in our lab !


May-14 2015 Sarah Pollock joined the group as a MARC U*STAR Scholar !


April-13 2015 Minjoung Kyoung presented an invited talk in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Maryland, Baltimore


March-25-2015 Noah Robinson presented a poster at Graduate Research Conference!


March-13-2015 Hye Min Baek won Undergraduate Research Awards !


March-13-2015 Chidera Ekeocha won Undergraduate Research Awards !


January-14-2015 Minjoung Kyoung presented an invited talk in Protein Meet-Up Symposium, Baltimore, MD !


December-15 2014 Noah Robinson joined the group as a graduate student !


November-17 2014 Chidera Ekeocha joined the group as an undergraduate student !


November-12 2014 Minjoung Kyoung presented an invited talk in the Department of Biology at UMBC !


October-28 2014 Noah Robinson started a rotation in the group !


August-28 2014 Tonya Santaus started a rotation in the group !



July-07 2014 Vanessa Nwaiwu and Hye Min Baek join the group as undergraduate students !