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Postdoctoral Position available !  (more information)

Our research focuses on understanding of how signaling pathways cross-talk with metabolic pathways in live cells. In order to study 4-dimensionally dynamic biological pathways  we  develop and apply novel bioanalytical and biophysical tools.  Projects include 1.the development of a novel super-resolution imaging technique to lively and directly map critical biological networks in live cells, 2. the development of an advanced versatile nano-reaction chamber designed to detect transient protein-protein interactions in confined dimensions and 3. the study of how signaling pathways are spatially and temporally involved in cancer cell development and proliferation by employing unprecedented in vitro and live cell techniques. In our lab, students are trained in cross-disciplinary research at the chemistry-biology-physics interface by building cutting edge microscopy/spectroscopy systems, fabricating nano-reaction chambers and flow cells, and studying the interactions between biomolecules in real time in vivo and in vitro.